PPT Group is devoted to developing and prospering alongside the Thai society. To achieve this, we have policies to guide organization development as well as optimizing the potential of our human resources in terms of welfare, ethics, and employment equality. Our Company constantly hosts corporate social responsibility activities.


PPT Group highlights the importance of running business operations stably whilst taking care of the society and environment. To us, sustainable development is the foundation to business management and organization improvement. It is our goal to make the society better, elevate the people’s quality of life.


PPT Group has consistently grown on a yearly basis. The Group’s ambition is to enhance our staff’s quality of life as their career satisfaction relates to the organization’s growth and stability. SPC Interprint welcomes all customers who are seeking for quality packaging solutions.

        PPT Group is devoted to making people’s lives better by creating economic value as well as nurturing a pleasant society and environment. To do so, we put great effort into progressing quality goods that meet high standards.


The Group has determined development policies to elevate our image as a whole alongside improving employee potential, welfare, ethics, and employment equality. We frequently organize corporate social responsibility activities to show our gratitude towards the people, the community, and the environment for a sustainable future.