Packaging for infant diapers and sanitary products For products that require even higher levels of safety to meet global standards, all processes of our production line are strictly checked. At our factories, hygiene standards and storage standards are both the top priorities prior to shipping. To help customers and consumers feel most confident using our products, we make sure that the manufacturing process is safe, complies with relevant standards, and is kind towards to environment by using the best technology and experts in the field.

Diaper bag (wicketted bags)

Baby wipes (flow pack film)

Washing liquid refill (stand-up pouch)

Sanitary napkins bag (flow pack film)

Box for sachets

Dishwashing liquid refill (stand-up pouch)

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The Group has determined development policies to elevate our image as a whole alongside improving employee potential, welfare, ethics, and employment equality. We frequently organize corporate social responsibility activities to show our gratitude towards the people, the community, and the environment for a sustainable future.