Gravure printing process This technology differs from general printing methods due to its high definition outcomes. It is therefore suitable for tasks that require high quality, detailed printing, speed, and orders of large quantities.

Flexo printing process This method allows printing to be done on various types of surfaces as well as continuous patterns such as paper gift wrappers. As the ink is a liquid form that dries rapidly, the finished outcome’s printing quality can be checked immediately afterwards. Packaging forms suitable for the Flexo method are large plastic bags, UHT milk cartons, and so on.

In this method, the ink will be directly in contact with the mold plate and paper, transferred through rollers. Offset printing results in sharp, high quality printing and is recommended for high quantity orders. This method can be done using printing machines of many sizes and a range of outcomes.


When it comes to designing a product’s packaging, the designer must have a deep understanding of the product, the producer’s requirements, and the consumer’s true demands in order to create a masterpiece.

At PPT GROUP, customers can consult with our professional team to find the perfect packaging solution, recommended production process, right choice of material, to preferred shipping method.


We help design attractive packaging for your goods. Our team creates the offset plate (CTP), diamond engraving stylus for the mold, both polymer and rubber Flexo plate. As all steps are done and completed internally in our Company,

customers can feel assured that your trade confidentialities will be safeguarded. Moreover, our team can help develop any ideas in favor of the consumers’ likings.


Our packaging printing services are safe, comply to standards, and kind to the environment. We use the latest machinery models to print both paper and plastic packaging.

Blown film The blown film method is made from a flexible type of plastic which is very popular in the industry.

Printing Process Modern printing include the Rotogravure process, the Flexo process, and the Off-set process can be chosen to suit your products.

Lamination Process This process combines layers of film to strengthen the packaging and lengthen the shelf-life of food products.

Forming Process This process forms the desired packaging shape; wicket bags, sachets, stand up pouches, zipped bags, sachets for boiling, and ice cream cones that require specific production methods.

Offset Printing This is the most popular standard printing method used to make packaging.

Slitting Process Printed rolls can be slitted according to a customed size.


To uphold our high standards, all processes are strictly checked from the first designing process up until being shipped to customers using technology for accuracy.

A report of the quality checking can also be provided to customers as needed.
Standard warehouse for storing packaging and raw materials


At our warehouse, customers can feel assured as cleanliness and strict hygienic methods are applied and we operate systematically. We employ smart technology to count the stock. Shipping is fast and punctual,

covering routes in all regions of Thailand and overseas. Equipped with GPS, customers can track their order at all times so the goods arrive safely and timely.


Shipping services are efficient and punctual. Orders are shipped to customers in all provinces correctly and quickly.

Shipping is fast and punctual, covering routes in all regions of Thailand and overseas.

        PPT Group is devoted to making people’s lives better by creating economic value as well as nurturing a pleasant society and environment. To do so, we put great effort into progressing quality goods that meet high standards.


The Group has determined development policies to elevate our image as a whole alongside improving employee potential, welfare, ethics, and employment equality. We frequently organize corporate social responsibility activities to show our gratitude towards the people, the community, and the environment for a sustainable future.