PPT Group is Thailand’s leader in developing and producing flexible packaging for more than 40 years. With the Group’s turnkey services and experience, we can create limitless packaging solutions for customers in a wide range of industries.


  PPT Group’s milestones of businesses span a long history of paper printing, ice-cream cone paper sleeve manufacturing, and flexible packaging with a registered capital of THB130 million. We have 3 subsidiaries to respond to the diverse printing demands of customers, covering the food & beverage industry, household product industry, and the health industry. We offer a large selection of packaging choices from stand-up pouches, bags, to ice-cream cone paper sleeves. No matter what type of product your business is marketing, PPT Group invites customers to see how our one-stop service can help find your business’s right packaging solution.


  Another one of PPT Group’s success factor is how we connect the potentials within our organization together. We sail ahead with our machines and imported printing technology that offers sharp, clear colors and patterns. This technology once integrated with smart packaging designs enables your products to look outstanding. We highlight the importance of improving our team’s expertise, maintaining a hygienic and systematic production line that is safe in all processes.

Somchai Printing Limited Partnership.


Somchai Printing Limited Partnership was established in 1982 by Mr. Somchai Chotiphuttasilpa to run an offset printing business, a printing system that could offer the highest printing quality back in the day.

Pack Printer Co., Ltd.



Pack Printer Company Limited was established in 1986 as a flexible packaging printing business using the Gravure printing process. This process relies on deep recesses on the surface of the mold thus making it suitable for lengthy printing. The printing quality was satisfactory.

SPC Interprint Co., Ltd.



SPC Interprint Company Limited was founded in 2009 as a packaging printing business using Gravure and Flexo printing processes which are suitable for printing plastic sachets or pouches as they are designed to contain food and beverages.

     PPT Group grows and scales our business to directly meet our customers’ demands. By administrating our business systematically and positioning ourselves as a turnkey service provider, we have built a trustworthy reputation from customers throughout the years.


     The Group’s competency point in the market is using cutting edge technology in our printing process. We never stop improving our potential and always work hard to earn the proud title of leader in the packaging industry.


    Another key to our success is how we connect the potentials within our organization. We invest in the best machines and import printing technology from overseas to print sharp, clear colors and patterns. Smart packaging designs also play a major role in making our customer’s product stand out from competitors. We are strict about maintaining hygienic and systematic production for consumers’ safety.


PPT Group is devoted to developing and prospering alongside the Thai society. To achieve this, we have policies to guide organization development as well as optimizing the potential of our human resources in terms of welfare, ethics, and employment equality. Our Company constantly hosts corporate social responsibility activities.


PPT Group highlights the importance of running business operations stably whilst taking care of the society and environment. To us, sustainable development is the foundation to business management and organization improvement. It is our goal to make the society better, elevate the people’s quality of life.


PPT Group has consistently grown on a yearly basis. The Group’s ambition is to enhance our staff’s quality of life as their career satisfaction relates to the organization’s growth and stability. SPC Interprint welcomes all customers who are seeking for quality packaging solutions.


        PPT Group is devoted to making people’s lives better by creating economic value as well as nurturing a pleasant society and environment. To do so, we put great effort into progressing quality goods that meet high standards.


The Group has determined development policies to elevate our image as a whole alongside improving employee potential, welfare, ethics, and employment equality. We frequently organize corporate social responsibility activities to show our gratitude towards the people, the community, and the environment for a sustainable future.