PPT Group We understand how important food & beverage packaging is in terms of safety and hygiene. Therefore, every step in the production line must be quality-checked in detail to comply with high standards, from the raw material used to the manufacturing process itself. Our Company uses modern machinery that meets global standards. The hygiene of our manufacturing environment is kept at the highest level at all times.

We have packaged instant noodles, snacks, candies, baked goods, frozen food, and ice cream using cone foils, paper cups, lids, labels, shrink sleeves, shrink packs, sachets for sauces and salad dressings, rice packets, and many more.







          PPT Group is devoted to making people’s lives better by creating economic value as well as nurturing a pleasant society and environment. To do so, we put great effort into progressing quality goods that meet high standards.


The Group has determined development policies to elevate our image as a whole alongside improving employee potential, welfare, ethics, and employment equality. We frequently organize corporate social responsibility activities to show our gratitude towards the people, the community, and the environment for a sustainable future.